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  • Smart Materials – Poetic Technology

  • Internet of Beautiful Things

  • The Aesthetic of Touch

  • Material Intimacy

  • Sustainable Futures

Who we are 

Diffus Design is a Copenhagen based design studio specialised in smart materials, soft hardware and poetic technology.

We transform complex technologies into meaningful objects or scenarios where beauty and functionality goes hand in hand. We aim at creating sustainable futures.

We always welcome new projects, collaborations or questions!





What we offer

We join up with partners to create great and innovative designs, that incorporate technology in order to make the design desirable and sustainable.

We offer workshops and collaboration within the area of smart materials, art and design driven innovation. 

Our workshops help you to investigate and brainstorm on future possibilities and/or can be explorative, playful and strengthening for your team. 

In collaborative projects we can prototype your ideas and help you to rethink your processes and generate true innovation.