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Diffus Design is a design company and consultancy based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Diffus Design was founded in 2004 by Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannesen as a creative partnership. In 2012 Diffus Design was established as a company. Both Michel and Hanne-Louise have backgrounds in academia and have on top of that a strong practise based knowledge. Therefore any project is based on explorative, analytic and prototyping processes. 

Diffus Design creates products and projects based on sensor technology merged with traditional materials and craft, with a focus on intelligent textiles, wearable technology, tangible interfaces, composite materials and interactive installations. 

Diffus Design also undertakes consultancy and research in the fields of interaction design, intelligent textiles and architecture as well as product design for global clients within a wide range of industries, from industrial production to fashion and interior design.

Diffus Design have participated and participates as partners in different European Union research projects. Among other: CREATIF, Light.Touch.Matters and Wear-Sustain.