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Partners, Clients and Collaborators

“Diffus rock. Where others failed they made it possible: Soft fabric with electronics that can be translated into innovative applications”

Jan Knikker, Partner in MVRDV,
Dutch Architects

“With their close and interactive communication, Diffus Team pioneered new creative ideas in our business environments. Our workshop experience with Diffus inspired our team to think innovative ideas and products.”

Diren Mecit, R&D responsible,
Martur Automative Seating Systems, Turkey.

“I learned to know Diffus when seeking for expertise in relation to a project on disruptive innovation in lighting: OLED in combination with LED, surface powering, IoT control, etc. Diffus showed to be spot on for that, with a blend of strategic thinking and questioning of the obvious together with hard core expertise on lighting integration, advanced electronics, embroidery of conductive yarns, etc

The cooperation with Diffus has been enriching all the way, and very fruitful since we won a design prize together (LG Display OLED Design Competition 2016).”

Pierre Chigot, Design Development Manager,
Saint-Gobain Ecophon

“In 2009 we started exploring new, technical application fields for our existing embroidery production capacities. Since the earliest steps we have been enjoying a most fruitful collaboration with Michel and Hanne-Louise who’s design philosophy and keen understanding of how to merge technology and design have been a great inspiration to us.”

Jan Zimmerman, Business Unit Leader,
Forster Rohner,