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Diffus is founded by Hanne-Louise Johannesen and Michel Guglielmi. 

Hanne-Louise being an art historian has a strong focus on the aesthetics and how the intelligent textile creations works with contemporary society and how they work in a history of aesthetic. Hanne-Louise has in depth knowledge in ‘soft electronics’ and has good skills in craft, design and prototype building.

Michel being an architect is focusing on how intelligent textiles and wearable technology is connected with the surroundings and how the interaction between human and technology works on an overall scale. Michel has skills in web design, visualisation and prototype building as well.

Beside that both Michel and Hanne-Louise have gathered great knowledge among other in project management, writing patents, coordinating events, fund raising and consulting, strategic planning, company growth, contracts and negotiations during 14 years of running the design company Diffus Design that specialises in digital aesthetics, design thinking, sustainability, wearables and smart materials.