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Our main purpose in Diffus Design

One of the main missions for Diffus Design is to combine traditional know-how and codified production processes with uncharted ‘soft’ technologies and complex materials. The idea is to emphasise familiarity, luxury and comfort and try to combine different materials and innovative technology in often unpredictable ways and unconventional twists but always with strong concepts and clear narratives – Thereby diffusion becomes precision



Our vision and approach

Diffus Design is working with 3 main purposes: Material Research, Artistic Experiments and Industrial Innovation. The three areas are closely interconnected and thereby very fruitful for each other. The Artistic Experiments gives place to explore materials, technologies, experiences and interactions without limitations of bottomline thinking. The Research of Materials gives us scientific as well as aesthetic knowledge on the possibilities of materials and their relation to technology. We collaborate with scientists and contribute with focus on the Aesthetic of Touch (AoT) and the dynamic material properties. Doing Industrial Innovation makes us focus on realisation and production processes that is the everyday reality of production companies.