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Tribute to Valérie Lamontagne

It is with great sadness we learned that Valérie Lamontagne passed away last week on October 4th. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

We had the pleasure of inviting Velérie to collaborate with us through Copenhagen Artist in Residency program (CPH AIR) in autumn 2011. This was a really interesting and fruitful collaboration and we kept in close contact afterwards due to our common interests and also because she chose one of our projects as a case study for her PhD project: PERFORMATIVE WEARABLES: BODIES, FASHION, AND TECHNOLOGY. We enjoyed Valérie’s insightful questions in every interview we gave and her deep knowledge and light hearted personality in every discussion with her.

Let us pay her respect and acknowledge her great contribution to the understanding of wearables “as-yet-undefined category, which does not limit wearables to just technology, just fashion, just the body. By ambitiously bringing in so may theoretical frames to which wearables might refer— fashion, laboratories, technologies, bodies—I am also arguing that not only is the wearable an admixture of all these disciplines, it also operates in a flow of change and transformation, as we have seen emphasized in so many theories from the social (Turner), to the phenomenological (Kozel), in fashion (Marchetti and Quinz), and, finally, in the laboratory (Knorr Cetina and Pickering).” (Lamontagne, Valerie: Performative Wearables: Bodies, Fashion and Technology)

Photo: Dominique Lafond

because we Worth it

Because we’re WORTH it!

Our project proposal called ‘Ilutex’ has successfully addressed relevant evaluation criteria, and in a first round, it has ranked within the shortlist of 85 finalist projects. After a second round of interview in Valencia, Spain, our project has now been selected and will be endorsed by the Worth Partnership Project.

About the Ilutex proposal: The goal of Ilutex will be the printing of phosphorescent patterns on facade textiles.

Project Team:
– Vadim Tenner
– Jan Serode
– Diffus Design

About Jan Serode:
Architect and researcher at the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), his work mainly focusses on new concepts for textile-based facades.

About Vadim Tenner:
Research associate at the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA). He is our partner and co-founder of PowerPatterns, a company aiming to develop a new way of battery integration into wearable smart textiles.

About WORTH:
WORTH Partnership Project creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop design-driven and innovative products. Worth Partnership Project is funded by the COSME programme of the European Union.

It is a EU-project implemented by a consortium of enterprises with complementary expertise in providing support to SMEs and start-ups. WORTH is led by the Textile Technology Institute AITEX, (KEPA, IED, DAG Communication, AA Franzosi) with the core belief that creative industries (SMEs and start-ups) are key drivers of economic growth in Europe.

Vicente Cambra, R&D Assistant Manager of AITEX and WORTH project manager: “In accordance with European Union objectives, we are focused on elevating the competitiveness of fashion, lifestyle and consumer goods industries by pushing their design and innovation essence. WORTH Partnership Project is an opportunity for creative SMEs and start-ups to expand their innovation and design abilities through cross-border and cross-discipline partnerships across Europe”

WORTH Partnership Project is a continuing edition of the successful pilot project which took place between 2013 and 2015. To know more about the 34 showcased products and results developed during the WORTH pilot project visit:

Creating PowerPatterns Ivs

Happy new year!
Our design project called “Wearable Energy – Textile Batteries” funded by WEAR Sustains is now behind us. Based on the positive evaluations by the end of the project we decided to work further with Vadim Tenner, our partner from Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA). As a major milestone in our future collaboration, we have co-funded PowerPatterns, a company aiming to develop a new way of battery integration into wearable smart textiles.
We believe that this initiative will create a good framework for our collaboration and will ensure a smoother transition from R&D to production and commercialisation.
For you, we will create soft, autonomous and beautiful power!

Below, you will find a diagramme explaining what will make “PowerPatterns” so unique:

You will find us at:

Publishing our achievements at WEAR-Sustain

‘Wearable Energy-Textile batteries’, the project that we have developped thanks to a grant from the European ‘WEAR Sustain’ consortium, is now completed. We are excited about the outcome, especially because the achievements are convincing us to believe that a commercial solutions lies ahead of us.
The main outcome, as delivered is now publicised in our wear-sustain ‘work’ page.

Lecture at Aalborg University

The department of Art and Technology at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Denmark, invited Diffus to present their recent work.
It was a full audience of 100 plus that attended the lecture. Medialogy students, ArT students, Sound Music Computer students, Interaction Design students attended from across semesters from undergraduates through to graduates.

As an attending staff member stated of our guest lecture on 25th September “it was probably one of the biggest crowds for a guest lecture” seen at Rendsburggade 14 in Aalborg!”
The lecture was preceded in the morning with a workshop for Art and Technology students – semester 3 – hosted at X-Lab on main campus – this illustrating the collaboration between AAU departments.

Many thanks to prof. Anthony Brooks for organising this great event.

Qipao – Fashion Show in Edinburgh

Diffus rethinks the traditionel Shanghainese dress – the Qipao for the Edinburgh Art Festival. This was conducted through a collaboration between fashion students, material scientists from Donghua University, Shanghai International Institute of Fashion & Technology and Diffus Design.
We created two different collections – both had transformation as the driving force. In this case transformation was connected to the Chinese philosophy of five elements.

The result of the workshop was two collections of 6 interactive dresses. One collection focused on shape changing materials where the aim was to create interactive and dynamic surfaces and the other collection focused on colour changing materials. In this case we developed sequins that could change colour from transparent to clear blue.

Sequins on their way to change color
Grand final
Rehearsal and press presentation in Shanghai

Winning WEAR Sustains open-call

The consortium partners of WEAR Sustain has selected our team (Diffus Design + Vadim Tenner) as one of the winner of the WEAR Sustain Open Call !
The jury of WEAR Sustains was “impressed with our application and our pitch”, and selected us as one of the top proposals.
Our project will be mentored by Patric Lind and Goran Andersson, both co-founder of Palago AB and located in Lund, Sweden. The goal of the mentoring is to optimize the potentials of this R&D project to find a viable ways towards future commercial opportunities.

About Vadim Tenner:
Vadim is a Research Associate at Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University (ITA). He has expertise in Smart Textiles,  Customized Connectivity Solutions for Electronics-Integration into Textiles, Automation Technologies for mass Customization of Smart Textiles.

About WEAR Sustain:
The goal of WEAR Sustain is to develop best practices for enabling, facilitating and growing the European wearable technology, smart and electronic textiles network, toward collaborations and innovations between artists/designers and technologists who are working on ethical and sustainable solutions and technologies for a better future.
WEAR Sustain aims to pave the way by initiating the evolution of wearables that are more ethical, critical and aesthetic, and ultimately sustainable for future generations.

About the project:
The goal of our project is to develop a new way of battery integration into wearable smart textiles. The idea is to create visually appealing battery patterns right onto textiles where everyone can see them. Designing the battery patterns in an aesthetical way creates completely new possibilities for smart wearable applications.
The idea of this project is to take advantage of the development within printed batteries on foil and transfer the technique to textile. One advantage of this approach is that textiles for wearable and accessories provide a huge surface that can be used for functionalization. This means that a relatively big amount of energy can be stored in printed batteries. By aiming at decoration and wearability we do not need to think about the problems that might occur when minimizing the battery area. By looking at the battery as an asset rather than a necessary evil we can make batteries beautiful and wearable.
This approach will function as an enabler technology for the next generation of Smart Textiles, so that the existing product prototypes e.g. for assisted living can finally enter the market to enhance everyone’s life.
The product is a rechargeable, flexible, drapeable and visually appealing battery!
The results of our reserach will be publicised in about 9 months…time to charge the batteries.
So, please stay tuned!

Guest at Echo-Dubai Art and Technology Festival

From the 14th to the 16th December, Diffus is invited as speaker and workshop organiser at Echo-Dubai.
ECHO DUBAI is the Emirate’s first multi-sensory festival where Art, Design and Technology intersects in a 4 days event to provide a platform for local and international businesses, brands and minds to connect and collaborate. The event is organised at the Design District ‘D3’, under the theme, ‘Interacting with the future’.
ECHO Dubai – art, design, and technology festival will focus on advanced technologies through artistic forms as well as a variety of sound, visual and digital mediums, installations and performances.
Ideas will be shared, projects will be developed and new concepts will echo in Dubai – facilitating opportunities for exchange and collaboration among artists, art-tech enthusiasts, designers, musicians, engineers, and scientists.

Finalising the CREATIF EU-project

May 19th marked the ending of our 3 year EU-research project CREATIF. The project managed to build a printer that is able to print smart inks on fabric. The printer and a special designed design tools developed through CREATIF have enabled us to design with interactive surfaces in a completely new way. With the CREATIF tools we have support in the whole process from early ideas to the final print and from interaction sketching to actual coding for the interaction to happen. This helps in our existing projects as well as brings great opportunities for projects to be developed in the future.
The ending of this successful project was marked by an exhibition in Zaha Hadid Architects showroom in London.
Video demonstrating how a printed proximity censor and a printed electroluminiscent surface interconnect.
Read more about CREATIF

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