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Category: Projects

New video presenting Light.Touch.Matters

A new video is made that introduces the EU-funded project Light.Touch.Matters, in which designers and material researchers have joined forces to develop a completely new generation of smart materials that can sense touch and respond with luminescence. The base technologies are novel piezo plastics and flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Being thin, flexible and formable, these ‘light touch materials’ promise to revolutionize product design by integrating luminescence and touch in such...

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New SpacEmotion video

Finally the video presenting SpaceEmotion is released. SpaceEmotion is a modular system of textile discs that have been embroidered with conductive yarn to generate sensory outputs including light, sound and scent across a custom made surface. The video is the result of a beautiful day in the forest with a fantastic crew. Director and editor: Zack Starr Runners, assistants, scenographers: Kristine Haffgaard, Morten Steensgaard, Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannesen Hair and makeup:...

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Jump-starting “Light.Touch.Matters” in Delft.

In May 2012 news came to our ears that our consortium’s submitted EU proposal were among the 3 out of 32 competing entries that got through the second submission round, meaning that grants were given. A long process of setting up the logistics and securing the fulfilment of the initial concepts followed. Finally in February 2013 the kick-off of ‘Light.Touch.Matters‘ takes place. Light.Touch.Matters is a unique cooperation between product designers, material scientists and the industry, with...

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First costumes prototypes for the “100 Dancers” project

Trials of the first prototype for the interactive costumes to be created for the “100-Dancers” festival (July 28t-august 5th). Light patterns react to speed and rotation and will be explored by the dancers. Exchange students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (Coline Fontaine, Delphine Piault, Marlene Fisher, Zeynep Sen, Nina Wester) are collaborating on that project…More to come !

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