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Creating PowerPatterns Ivs

Happy new year!
Our design project called “Wearable Energy – Textile Batteries” funded by WEAR Sustains is now behind us. Based on the positive evaluations by the end of the project we decided to work further with Vadim Tenner, our partner from Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA). As a major milestone in our future collaboration, we have co-funded PowerPatterns, a company aiming to develop a new way of battery integration into wearable smart textiles.
We believe that this initiative will create a good framework for our collaboration and will ensure a smoother transition from R&D to production and commercialisation.
For you, we will create soft, autonomous and beautiful power!

Below, you will find a diagramme explaining what will make “PowerPatterns” so unique:

You will find us at: