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Diffus guest speaker at “R&D Brokerage Event” in Bursa, Turkey

February 20th. – 21th. 2011:
Diffus Design was invited by the Textile and Clothing Exporters’ Association in Bursa, Turkey, where the association organises an annual “R&D brokerage event“, a visionary event for the whole of the industry.
The topic of discussion was innovative design. The round table panel involved Turkish futurist Alphan Manas, US Valerie Casey and Michel Guglielmi.
About The textiles and Clothing Association:
The purpose of the association is to prepare the environment necessary for the development of clothing industry in Turkey.
About Valerie Casey:
Named “Guru” of the year by Fortune magazine, “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine, “Master of Design” by Fast Company. She was also selected as one of the “World’s Most Influential Designers” by BusinessWeek. At IDEO, she led the digital experience group. Before that, she was the Executive Creative Director at frog design, where she led the design research and design strategy practices worldwide. Casey was also an Associate Partner at Pentagram Design, where she started the interaction design group. Valerie is the founder of the Designers Accord, the global coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders working together to create positive and sustainable impact. See her Blog.
About Alphan Manas:
Alphan Manas is a self-taught futurist. He is a prolific inventor, industrial designer, conceiving of and devising inventions on various scales which entail the use of innovative technology. He is A successful entrepreneur, investing in high tech and visionary projects around the world. He is a founding member and the board member of Istanbul Entrepreneurs AssociationHe wrote as a columnist for Forbes Turkey  and is currently writing for BusinessWeek. He is also an editor for FUTUREtakes magazine of World Future Society in the U.S. and in his spare time, he is president of Mensa High IQ Society in Turkey. See his Blog.