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Diffus hacking the Chinese hackers

In 2015 , the Chinese government introduced the idea of mass entrepreneurship as a new engine of economic growth.
The new maker culture already flourishing on the asian east cost became a de facto strategic area of investment for this new political vision.
Molly Price, associate partner at Diffus Design, will be part of an UK team of 9 researchers and designers staying in Shenzen, Shanghai and Xiamen in order to gather an “inside knowledge” of those swift developments.
During the month of october 2015, Molly will explore the emerging scene of Chinese makers, document the large variety of makerspaces already available and understand the true creativity, communality and entrepreneurialism of Shenzen, Shanghai and Xiamen´s maker culture.
She will visit incubators, factories, supply chain management consultancies, industrial design houses, co-working spaces and public workshops.
On behalf of Diffus, Molly will establish strategic contacts with the emerging entrepreneurial makers interested in collaborations.
Flexible solutions for upscaling small productions, methods for rapid iterative processes in prototyping will be tested onsite during her stay.
The Living Research project is sponsored by the British Council
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