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Diffus wins Samsung Design award “Design that performs 2011” !

DESIGN THAT PERFORMS awards “A fantastic idea for a product design that unites functionality with aesthetics in a brand new way” …”Samsung pays tribute to great design and the talents behind it”.
Some comments from the international jury:
Sarah Gormley, director at Cecil Balmond Studio – London:
“An innovative concept that pushes the boundaries of wearable technologies. The integration looks seamless and importantly, the design has an aesthetic that  would appeal. An original way to read CO2 levels and visualize data”.
Nille Juul-Sørensen, associate director at Arup  and Chairman of the jury at  ”INDEX award“, the worlds most prestigious Design award:
“I think that the combination of traditional-rich fabric for clothes and the new high tech application is fantastic.
The proposal measures CO2 but I see more this design as the starting point where we design technologic things into our everyday garments in some very refined ways. The dress is well designed and the overall idea with the small stars which continuously evolve in brightness is beautifully conceived”.