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Wearable Technology in the Time of Global Warming

Presented at ISEA 2015 in Vancouver by prof. Susan Elizabeth Ryan from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana:
A lecture mentioning our work.
“Some designers of ironic technological clothes focus on the external relationships between wearers and their environment (…). Diffus Design’s Climate Dress (…), uses conductive thread embroidery, LilyPad Arduino, sensor, and LEDs. It illuminates in accordance with CO2 concentrations in the ambient air, so the dress is a platform for environmental awareness, pitting beauty against health or against the environment: the more carbon emissions, the more the radiant the dress becomes. What better reminder that beauty resides alongside immanent danger in hyperobjects?”
Read the paper in full length here: “Hyperdressing: Wearable Technology in the Time of Global Warming