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Interactive Costumes for the “100 Dancers”performance

The design and realization of five Interactive light costumes in collaboration with Coline Fontaine and Delphine Piault, worn by the Contact-Improvisation dancers involved in the “100-Dancers” meeting in Copenhagen during the first week of august. The artistic aim was to create site specific choreography and big volumes of movement, a mass of dancing bodies that in seconds transforms our notion of a given space. The Danish organizer and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration with international dancers as well as installation artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, architects and programmers, has over the years experimented with many different ways of bringing the world of dance and site specific experiences into the audience.
The interactive light costumes have 2 functionning modes:
acceleration and rotation. The patterns velocity and brightness will increase depending
on those 2 parameters. Also, there is an “idle” mode: When left alone on the scene,
the artefatcs would “pulsate ” as if they would breath trough its light pattern.
The Interactive Light Costumes for the “100 dancers” is a project initiated and financed
by Diffus Design. The framework, the materials and the context were given by Diffus.
The shape, form and interaction were developed as a joint project between Diffus Design
and designers Coline Fontaine and Delphine Piault. Other participants were Marlene Fisher,
Zeynep Sen, Nina Wester and David Sjunnesson.
Choreography and event organisator: Pipaluk Supernova
See more pictures of this project here !