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Meeting with the LTM Consortium at Brunel University, London

From June 4-6 Diffus Design will attend the second meeting with the consortium of Light.Touch.Matters, a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. The session will be hosted by Brunel University, one of the participants of the consortium.
The Light.Touch.Matters project is a design driven development of touch-sensitive luminous flexible surfaces for applications in care & well-being.
The project represents an articulated process towards the generation of a new set of ideas, that involves several actors and includes several purposes. It is not only a new product development process and material innovation, but also a road to innovation that will bring a significant heritage to participants, developing methods and theories that we expect to have also applications out of the bounds of the consortium in a not so distant future.
Light.Touch.Matters. represent a way to implement, further refine and assess the overall design-driven material R&D methodology, while at the same time developing a scientific body of knowledge on design-driven materials research. So, the overall process and methodology will not only be used in the Light.Touch.Matters project, but it will also be an output accessed by other material researchers, designers and manufacturers that face a similar challenge.
Visit the webpage of Light.Touch.Matters