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New book revealing the design process of spacEmotion

Textiles, innovations et matières actives is the latest book by Florence Bost and Guillermo Crosetto. The book focuses on pioneering design projects involving ‘active textiles’.
It reveals some of the main challenges occurring when designing within uncharted territories as it is often the case when working with technologic textiles. Diffus is very flattered to be featured in this enlightening book and is pleased that the authors have aknowledged the programatic richness of SpacEmotion (formally known as Wall-Emotion) trough an in-depth analyze covering no less than 8 pages of some exciting reading.
Three connected articles focuses on the design issues of SpacEmotion as experienced in our office, the challenges met by engineer Riccardo Marchesi at Inntex Inc (Italy) and finally, the complex manufacturing tasks of ‘active embroideries’ supervised by Jan Zimmermann, head of product development at embroidery manufacture Forster Rohner (Swizerland).
The book in French only (for the time being) is published by Edition Eyrolles. To get the book, please visit Eyrolles homepage.
Abstract from the book (translated from french):
Since their introduction in the 80s, textiles with active functions, also known as “smart textiles”, “smart textiles” or “e-textiles” are a growing market. Their apparent simplicity is hiding a sophisticated and exciting design approach. Between technology and craft, their design requires a perfect balance where multidisciplinary teams must understand  each other and combine their skills.Through numerous examples from the fields of fashion, design, art, architecture, health and sport, this book highlights the fascinating applications of these new materials, which from a status of technical textiles evolve towards a more informal world of flexible and interactive materials whose action unfolds beyond their own physical limits. Textiles, innovations and active materials reveal an impalpable link between science and the oninic, the threshold of human thought.
With its cross-disciplinary and European expertise within developments of new textile, this book aims to be the sum of the latest trends and new creation process combining an ethical and an ecological approach. Beautifully illustrated, it presents itself as a vast workshop, offering the image and voice to almost all of the professionals involved, acting within the design and the creative field as well as related areas of activities.
“Textile with active functions are ambassadors of visible and invisible values. They pinpoint the question of the place of high-tech in our daily lives, the real changes that these ‘second skins’ involve. They spark new creative behaviors that force optimism”