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New video starring our Interactive Sample Book

Sample Book by Diffus Design
This Sample Book is a collection of interactive textiles that demonstrate aesthetically and interactive functionalities from various projects made by Diffus Design. Each page tells a specific story on its own hand and each page has a connection to the line of products made since 2008. By bringing together the product line in this Sample Book we aim to stimulate the senses and to inspire designers, architects and others to design with new and smart materials. The focus of Diffus Design is to combine research and experimentation and to combine different materials and innovative technology in often unpredictable ways and unconventional twists, but always with strong concepts and clear narratives. Our projects are poetical, playful and surprising which appeal to our emotional self and open up to the sensibility of a large public. At the same time, our design aim at conceptual depth and boldness, which also will satisfy the inquiring mind.