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  • Working with New Technology and
    Smart Materials can be challenging.
    Having a skilled partner with expertise
    in these areas could be crucial.

    Diffus Design can help you navigate
    from early idea to innovative product.

We are good at…

Context Mapping

We research and document what is already out there – on the market, in exhibitions and as future scenarios. We document a variety of aspects connected to a given project eventually including internationally published research results.

Concept Development

We develop an early stage Idea Catalogue. The ideas will be presented as a broad variety without any preferences. The collection of ideas will be used as a mutual communication tool and further as a guideline in the decision process and the development from initial idea to strong concept.

Project management

We can take the lead of a project in order to create synergies between different aspects as well as making sure that all parts of the story gets told. We can follow a project from the early idea and way into a production phase.

Tangibility – IOT

When the Internet becomes Internet of Things the look and feel of technology enhanced objects becomes important. We have significant knowledge and experience in the tangibility and properties of (interactive) materials. Then Internet of Things (IoT) go hand in hand with the Aesthetic of Touch (AoT)

Material Properties

We always pays close attention to the properties of the products, installations and experiences we create. We focus on material properties, dynamic properties and interactive properties in order to create aesthetically pleasing and eventually poetic projects.


Samples and iterations of prototypes are crucial tools in our design tool box. We believe that touching, manipulating and interacting with material together with the visual and contextual aspects of a project enhances a common understanding and ultimately reduces cost.


The story told about a project is often as important as the project itself. Connecting projects to the History of Art and Culture as well as the contemporary society help us to create familiarity for the users of new technology and smart materials. For us poetry and technology goes hand in hand. 


We can visualise ideas using a range of tools from photos, illustrations and videos to interaction simulations, material samples, rapid prototyping etc.

Future Scenarios

Imagining the future have been a driving force for our work throughout the existence of Diffus Design. For us innovation is designing what is not yet existing in a way that it becomes meaningful and diserable. 

We offer…

To Fertilise

– to inspire

Duration 1-2 hours

We will adjust to the timeframe available in your schedule. Thematically we will adjust to your needs.

In this inspirational talk we will bring you on a journey into the poetry and magic of technology based on human needs and desires.

We can focus on the Aesthetic of Touch (AoT) in a world of Internet of Things (IoT) or we can focus on the relationship between the human body and technology. We can focus on the material properties of embedded technology or we can share methodologies on how to obtain industrial innovation by using art and design as strategy and method.

Let us know about your concerns, visions and desires and we will tune in.

To Foster

– to provide fresh perspectives

Duration 4-8 hours

We advise 8 hours as it gives the opportunity to immerse in the topics and tasks of the workshop

This intense workshop is a perfect opportunity for your team to untangle a problem together or kick off a new and exciting project.

Together, we will go through a series of exercises specifically designed to generate a targeted outcome. Our workshops can be used as a first milestone to start a design thinking process by defining the core idea of a project or to make decisions on further processes.

Future scenarios and recommendations for how to plan for your future design rooted in the identity of your company, your constraints and your vision.

To Nurture

– to strengthen an idea

Duration 2-4 days

The days should preferable be consecutively as the intensity of this form helps to reach far. 

A 2-4 days workshop will boost your project by defining a strong concept based on your initial ideas, visions and needs. We will start sketching and prototyping promising ideas to get an understanding of material properties, meaningful scenarios and interaction possibilities.

Furthermore, we want to make sure that the outcome of the workshop has great value for the company and that a strong work plan and design process has been devised which will lead towards a game-changing design solution.

A solid concept for your future design, taking roots in the identity of your company, your constraints and your vision, and a realistic scenario ready to be unfolded in an upcoming product development phase.

To Mature

– to adjust to real world constraints

Duration 4+ months

The length of this fase will depend on the comprehensiveness of the project and the need of our involvement. 

We will make sure that your concept becomes a design product, ready to get into a production phase and hit the market. The core concept of your design will now have the opportunity to mature through multiple design iterations. Trough that process, our attention will focus on preserving the valuable DNA of your concept.

It is our ambition that the seed that you planted in a conceptual phase will enfold in its best possible actualisation. The scope of our mission can vary and our involvement can be customised depending on the expertise and tasks that you expect to mobilise internally.

Based on functional prototype(s) a product, experience or service, will be ready to be communicated and tested in your field of work with an eye on production. 

Doing a project together with Diffus will always be tailored and will be targeting your needs and challenges.

Depending on your needs the role of Diffus will either have a consulting nature, a collaborative nature or we will deliver a complete and finished design solution.

In any case a project will be based on gathered knowledge MAPPING the field of investigation. We find it important to have an in-depth understanding before a design phase in order to avoid wrong paths or dead ends. 

IDEA GENERATING, DESIGNING and BUILDING will follow in customised and iterative processes and can have different sizes, durations and impact.

No matter if we consult you, collaborate with you or create the total solution a close dialogue will be maintained in order to find the right balance between innovative solutions and respect for the products, processes and/or involved parties.