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‘Smart Flexibility’ in Barcelona

Diffus is participating in the exhibition «Smart Flexibility» from 25 June – 16 November
The exhibition is at FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries, 37–38
and is organized by Materfad
It is an exhibition that uncovers structures and materials capable of developing sensitivity and adapting their shape to the surroundings. The exhibition brings together projects from all over the world that allow us to imagine the functionalities that can be provided by intelligent, smart structures in any field of application. Perception of climatic, acoustic and light conditions in the surroundings and their adaptation to them; detection of users and the modification of the space in relation to their bodies, movements or even emotions; capturing of wind and solar energy; or the generation of electrical energy are some of the possibilities that these materials and technologies open up for us. On June 26th Materfad is welcoming three of the participants to explain the possibilities that flexible structures and active materials offer us.
We are exhibiting SpacEmotion and our small Samplebook