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Tribute to Valérie Lamontagne

It is with great sadness we learned that Valérie Lamontagne passed away last week on October 4th. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

We had the pleasure of inviting Velérie to collaborate with us through Copenhagen Artist in Residency program (CPH AIR) in autumn 2011. This was a really interesting and fruitful collaboration and we kept in close contact afterwards due to our common interests and also because she chose one of our projects as a case study for her PhD project: PERFORMATIVE WEARABLES: BODIES, FASHION, AND TECHNOLOGY. We enjoyed Valérie’s insightful questions in every interview we gave and her deep knowledge and light hearted personality in every discussion with her.

Let us pay her respect and acknowledge her great contribution to the understanding of wearables “as-yet-undefined category, which does not limit wearables to just technology, just fashion, just the body. By ambitiously bringing in so may theoretical frames to which wearables might refer— fashion, laboratories, technologies, bodies—I am also arguing that not only is the wearable an admixture of all these disciplines, it also operates in a flow of change and transformation, as we have seen emphasized in so many theories from the social (Turner), to the phenomenological (Kozel), in fashion (Marchetti and Quinz), and, finally, in the laboratory (Knorr Cetina and Pickering).” (Lamontagne, Valerie: Performative Wearables: Bodies, Fashion and Technology)

Photo: Dominique Lafond