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Wonderful Light.Touch.Matters video

In june 2013 the members of the Light.Touch.Matters consortium got together in lovely London for a second workshop.
The workshop represented the beginning of the so-called first iteration that will bring to the definition of meaningful scenarios connected to new materials properties and experiences. It saw the start of designer-researcher dialogue, exchange of projects progress, handing out material samples, first sketches of scenarios of meaning and good team-building and decision-making.
During the workshop the material properties were set and the application were investigated. We closed with an excellent hands-on material-making workshop by The Institute of Making. Besides, Light.Touch.Matters now has a full visual identity thanks to the work of various designers in the consortium that proposed different designs. Sadly only one can selected, we trust you like it!
On a more serious not, the LightTouchMatters Liaison Committee is already reaching out to organisations interested in following the project, or being more actively involved in some way. Should your company or entity be interested just drop us a line. – See more at:
This film was made at the Institute of Making part of UCL in London at an event where participants got to play with materials and discuss ideas in an informal way.