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Project – PowerPatterns

Printed patterns for wearable batteries. The vision of PowerPatterns is to change people’s perception of batteries from necessary evil to an aesthetic and sustainable asset.


Project – ELAC (Embroidered Light for Acoustic Ceilings)

ELAC exploits the advancements of OLED and LED technology in the area of acoustic ceiling tiles. We have surface mounted light and circuitry to avoid light installations effecting the acoustic performance and to ease the technical installation.

Project – Light.Touch.Matters

The Light.Touch.Matters project was funded by EU’s Seventh Framework Programme and is a design driven development of touch-sensitive luminous flexible surfaces for applications in care and well-being.

Project – CREATIF 2013-2016

The CREATIF project is based in the area of smart textiles. It aimed to create collaborative tools in the form of intuitive digital software design tools coupled with digital printers in order to facilitate interactive print on textile.

Project – SpacEmotion 2014 (Red Dot Award)

SpacEmotion is a modular system of textile discs that have been embroidered with conductive yarn to generate sensory outputs including light, sound and scent across a custom made surface.

Project – HollowLight 2012-2013

HollowLight is a lamp that combines two luminous lampshades. One lampshade is a surface of embroidered LED lights and the other is a surface of embroidered, side emitting optical fibres.

Project – Eclipse 2011-2013

With the boom of environmental consciousness, bags with integrated solar cells that charge your mobile phone or laptop will become commonplace.

Project – Bellawra iPad case 2011-2013

Bellawra combines conductive embroidery, solar cell sequins and crystal components to create energy- harvesting Solar Crystals. The Solar Crystals consist of 2×2 cm crystals on top of 2×2 cm solar cell sequins…

Project – UV dress 2012

The UV dress measures the amount of sunlight to which the wearer is exposed – currently and over time – and visualises the effect by opening or closing the passage that allows sunlight to reach the skin.

Project – 100 dancers 2011

How do you transform the notion of a given space in seconds? You introduce 100 dancing bodies! The Interactive Light Costumes for the “100 dancers” is a project initiated and financed by Diffus Design.

Project – Gammel Holtegård 2010 – PROPOSAL

The museum Gammel Holtegård “A manipulation of nature to show authority and power.” Gammel Holtegård was designed by the architect Lauritz de Thurah (1706-59), known for such projects as the spire of Vor Frelser Kirke and the royal hunting lodge of  Eremitageslottet.

Project – Cafe Pantopia 2009-2011

Treat your friend in Nuuk with a cup of coffee, while you enjoy one in Copenhagen. Cafe Pantopia is about creating a common meeting place for people living in the north-atlantic areas: Greenland, Island, Faros Island and Denmark.

Project – Climate Dress 2009 (Samsung Award)

The Climate Dress tells us disturbing stories wrapped into a comfortable and reassuring cocoon de luxe. The Climate Dress is made of conductive embroidery, over hundred of tiny LED lights inserted into the embroidery, a CO2 sensor and an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor.

Project – Interactive sample book 2008-2009

The Interactive Sample Book (ISB) project was started, as a practice based research project, with the aim of exploring and communicating some of the possibilities within interactive textiles.

Project – Interactive garden 2009 – PROPOSAL

Several experts and theorists within the field of health, recovery and garden stated that loss of control is one of the most stressful experiences and at the same time biggest problems in the health recovery situation.

Project – Costume Choreography II 2008

Diffus was invited to the Amber 08 body-process art festival in Istanbul and presented an interactive dance performance at Talimhane teater for the closing session of the festival.

Project – Karen Blixen 2008

A Fantastic Tale – a poetic installation where storytelling blends with light sound and interactive textiles. In August 2008 the Boganis room in the Karen Blixen museum in Rungsted, Denmark, was transformed into an interactive installation.

Project – Interactive bar shelves 2008 – PROPOSAL

A playfull bar that plays a trick on you.
Bottles are exposed behind the bartender. They line up on two long shelves and become partially hidden by sandblasted sliding doors.

Project – Costume Choreography I 2007

Can you wear a computer? Costume choreography is a research of the relation between one of our oldest technologies; textiles, and of the newest; sensor technology.

Project – New Denmark 2007 – PROPOSAL

In January 2007 Denmark went through a structural reform, which had a substantial consequence for the municipal composition.

Project – Bus shelter 2006 – PROPOSAL

Two large and comfortable chairs are placed inside a central bus shelter. Through GPS the chairs and the approaching bus are connected and if two waiting passengers…

Project – CyberAngel 2004

CyberAngel: let the big questions of life mix with the banal of everyday thoughts! CyberAngel is a public space intervention where you get the privilege to become an Angel. A pair of angel wings on a pedestal is placed in a public space.

Project – East England 2003 – PROPOSAL

The East England project meets the guidelines of an ideas competition initiated by the new region East England. As many other countries East England has gone through structural changes.

workshop rethinking the quipao

Workshop: Rethinking the Qipao – Donghua University, Shanghai 2018

In this workshop at Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF) we looked into the traditional Chinese craft and tradition and combines it with interactive materials. The aim was to rethink the Shanghainese dress – the Qipao.

Workshop: Wearables – ECHO – Art, Design and Technology, Dubai 2017

ECHO is the region og Middle East’s first hybrid art fair where Art, Design and Technology intersect; for local and international artists, businesses, galleries, and minds to connect, collaborate and grow.

Workshop: Design Thinking – Donghua University, Shanghai, 2017

Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF) pays attention to the combination of theoretical and practical trainings. SCF focuses on the blending and penetrating of theory and practice in the teaching process.

Workshop: Craft and Technology – SADA, Shanghai 2017

Shanghai Art & Design Academy is one of the most influential, oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in China. The Academy has been dedicated to the education of professional artists and designers…

Workshop: Craft and Technology – Suzhou Art & Design Institute 2016

Conductive ink is just like any other ink, except that it’s electrically conductive. This means that it is possible to print, roll, brush, spray, draw or paint electrical wires onto surfaces like furniture, clothes, walls, tableware etc.

Workshop: Light Space Modulator, Strasbourg 2016

Exploring and rethinking the Ligt-space modulator of Moholy Nagy. During this one week workshop we investigated the famous light space modulator created by Bauhaus professor Moholy Nagy in 1920s.

Workshop: Fashion & Technology – Design Foundation Turkey 2015

The Turkish Design Foundation is located in Istanbul and have facilities in Bodrum, Turkey too. It was established by Faruk Malhan founder of Koleksiyon who have an unrivalled reputation for delivering design and service excellence to clients since 1972.

Workshop: Interactive Costumes, Copenhagen 2011

The purpose of this workshop was to introduce the students to the realm of interaction design and discover the potential for realizing innovative design artifacts, that involves the use of sensors, actuators and computer technology.

Workshop: Interactive Space – Atalier Nord, Oslo 2010

Atelier Nord in Oslo hosted a 4 days international workshop on alternative energies and electronic
textiles. It was run by Diffus from June 1st to June 4th. It concluded with a 1 day seminar on June 5th. The workshop was especially open to textile designers, interaction designers and media artists.

Workshop: Body-Space-Movement, Strasbourg 2009

The purpose of this workshop was to address the question of the human body as an organ of perception in motion. This required to experiment with new ways to conceive space, by gathering students with different cultural social …

Workshop: Costume Choreography II, Istanbul 2009

Diffus Design was invited to the “Amber08 body-process art festival” in Istanbul 7-16 November
2008 for running an international workshop and present the outcome that we named Costume
Choreography II.

Workshop: Interactive sound and space, Copenhagen 2008

This workshop was a collaboration between Diffus Design, Visual Culture and Musicology – University of Copenhagen, Danish Design School, Medialogy – Aalborg University and Högskolan Kristianstad.

Workshop: Interactive Lounge – Copenhagen 2007

The main issue of the workshop was to create a new form of computer driven interactions within a public surrounding and social setting. The kind of interaction we aimed for was supported by tangible media.

Workshop: Interactive Textiles, Copenhagen 2006

The main issue of the workshop is to look at experience with and learn from situations of communication through what we wear and bring that to a higher or different level through the combination of computer technology and the materiality of fabric.

Workshop: Physical Computing, Copenhagen 2005

Each workshop was explored giving examples of interactive technologies belonging to the different fields: Wearable Computers and Fashion, Domotics, Interactive Environment and Architectures, Toy design and Connected Communities.

Workshop: Interactive Space, Copenhagen 2003

The framing of this workshop was a rectangular space, some software, some hardware, different sensors and a common theoretical reference given through four lectures.

Material Research – Embedded Light

During our many years of work with materials and technology light have been a substantial companion for us, and have become an ongoing investigation of embedding light

Material Research – Soft Circuitry

Making soft circuitry and soft hardware have throughout the years been an interesting challenge that have forced us to think of technology as a material on the same level as any other material

Material Research – Dynamic Surfaces

Dynamic surfaces can be used in many different scales from jewels and clothing to spaces and buildings. But the mechanic, the level of changes and the poetry of transformation share the same substance 

Material Research – Aesthetic Properties

Across our work with clients, collaborators and students we use materials and technology as our building material. This calls for a continuous investigation of material, dynamic and interactive aesthetic proporties.

Material Research – Design Methodology

On behalf of our substantial experience working with materials and technology and with non-screen-based interaction we have created a toolbox that can support a development throughout a design phase  

Material Research – Driven by Creativity

In recent years there have been an increasing interest in including artists and makers in academic research projects as well as market related development projects, where the creative and practise-based research bring innovative solutions and value to the table.