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Workshop thematising Body-Space-Movement, Strasbourg 2009

The purpose of this workshop was to address the question of the human body as an organ of perception in motion. This required to experiment with new ways to conceive space, by gathering students with different cultural social and educational background and complementary disciplins.

The project took place as a collaboration with ENSA (Ecole nationale superieure de l’architecture de Strasbourg, master students at “Architecture and complexity”), ESAD (Ecole superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg), Le Corbusier School of Design and the Danish School of Design. Our experimentations with interactive textiles got presented to the students as a source for inspiration for their own installations which got presented during the last evening at the “theatre du Maillon” who hosted the workshop.

Workshop concept and leadership: Hanne-Louise Johannesen and Michel Guglielmi (Diffus Design)
Project partner: Ecole Nationale Superieure de L’Architecture de Strasbourg