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Workshop – Interactive Lounge, Copenhagen 2007

Not your regular cocktail bar…

The main issue of the workshop was to create a new form of computer driven interactions within a public surrounding and social setting. The kind of interaction we aimed for was supported by tangible media. For this purpose, we asked our students to design a social event related to what we could call a lounge or coktail bar. The question is how can such a conventional environment and its related rituals be reformulated when considering the potentials for sensor technology and pervasive computing.

The proposal was to fragment the bar into 3 hanging “blobs” that act as (free) vodka dispensers. When triggered, the blob starts to pulsate, light patterns are appearing on its surface and the soundscape within a given radius around the sculptural object is reacting to the pouring of the precious elixir. Participants in the event were flocking around each suspended “organism” and together investigating possible interactions. 

Workshop design and concept: Hanne-Louise Johannesen and Michel Guglielmi (Diffus Design)
Project partner: Danish Design School Copenhagen, Performance Design Roskilde University