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Bellawra iPad case 2011-2013

Bellawra [Bel·law·ra, arabic: crystallize] is an iPad sleeve covered with solar cells together with light focusing crystals.

Bellawra combines conductive embroidery, solar cell sequins and crystal components to create energy- harvesting Solar Crystals. The Solar Crystals consist of 2×2 cm crystals on top of 2×2 cm solar cell sequins that is combined in order to maximise the energy harvesting process. The Bellawra iPad Cover gives the possibility to extend the battery time for an iPad, whilst on the move. 

With the use of newly developed Solar Crystals, important advantages have been added to the protective sleeve for an iPad: The efficiency of the solar cells is increased significantly by the crystal components, which have replaced a plastic protective coating, adding aesthetic and luxury value to the design.


Industrial Innovation Project

Design and concept: Hanne-Louise Johannesen and Michel Guglielmi (Diffus Design)
Programming and engineering: Kenneth Weiss
Leather craft / designer: Katja Knudsen
Project partner: Forster Rohner AG